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Knowing More About HVAC Repair Issues in West Palm Beach

When you are having consistent problems with your HVAC Repair unit in West Palm Beach, the repair technician might tell you on a regular basis that your central unit needs replacement. And replacing your air conditioner in West Palm Beach can run into expenses that you may not be prepared for. Rather of trusting a technician that in reality is also a sales person wanting a large payout, how can you be sure your air conditioning system really needs replacement? This is why you should get educated about your AC unit so that you will be aware if you are being sold something you do not need. If you live in a hot state like Florida, it is not unrealistic for your air conditioner to fail on one of the especially hot days where the system is pushed to the max. When this occurs, you are faced with a substantial expense in West Palm Beach Fl     that you were not expecting.


HVAC Service – Knowing the Age of your Air Conditioner in West Palm

When the age of your air conditioning system goes over 8 years, it might be time to consider getting a new unit. At this age, it makes more sense to invest in a new unit, rather than spend money in repairs when unit still will not function at maximum efficiency. Once your AC unit exceeds this age, you might start thinking about WHEN your system will go out rather than IF it will break down. A good way to extend the life of your air conditioner unit is simply keeping it properly maintained. If you’re having difficulties finding the age of your air conditioner system, you can get the serial number from the unit. Call the factory and give them the serial number.


The Coil Unit – A Primary Component of Your Air Conditioning System

The coil is a primary component of the your central unit. Since the job of the coil to extract humidity in the West Palm Beach areas, a failing coil will make your house more humid. Instead of feeling refreshed, like the average air conditioning units should make you feel, your house will feel clammy. One other clue that your evaporator is failing is they frequently freeze up or attract mold.

Cleaning Air Conditioning Components

A few air conditioner components that you should be or get familiar with are the evaporator coil and the condenser coil. Both components will accumulate dirt over the years. Changing the filter can prevent the accumulation of dirt, but not entirely. When dirt accumulates on your evaporator coil, it act as insulation and will not allow the coil to absorb heat. This is why you should have your evaporator coil inspected periodically and clean when needed.

Air conditioning units have a life expectancy just like any other appliance or piece of equipment. Although your system will eventually shut down one day, you should still have it inspected and repaired as needed at least annually. By doing this, it will operate at optimum efficiency and last you for year.s


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